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Power your future with commercial solar & energy storage..

Realize your potential energy or grid upgrade savings through energy storage. For years, Sholep has stood for excellence in every aspect of solar design, construction, grid integration, operations, and maintenance. Now, we bring that experience and expertise to the same scope of services for energy storage systems.

Large-scale electricity customers all over the globe can save money with energy storage systems by lowering demand charge spikes, by optimizing storage with certain time-of-use rates, by reducing capacity charges, and by operating at a more optimal power factor. Utilities can use energy storage to defer the need to upgrade transmission and distribution equipment, resulting in near-term savings on operating expenses. When combined with solar, storage can be used to reduce the need for expensive interconnection-related upgrades.

Our aim is to generate energy for the future. Solar power remains the most secure source of energy for the future. We set global standards in achieving this goal.

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